Across the Universe

Something about the 1960s has always inspired me. I think there was a different consciousness toward social change. There was a deep seated restlessness that evokes a sense of awe to later generations – even to those who didn’t agree with the rebellions. 

In many ways the 1960s defined movements, social rebellions and how people connect with each other. 

Recently I think that the latent feelings of rebellion have reemerged. In many ways the social constructs have been shaken. I think that there has been change in consciousness and feelings that change is eminent have made people feel ill at ease. The millennial generation has realized its voice in the form of social media.

If we look at current trends we can see people moving back to the singer/songwriter, folk-y, mellow and psychedelic rock that defined the 60s. A lot of your fashion trends can trace their roots back to the 60s and 70s. Example, people, including this blogger, are wearing big black framed glasses. While tie-dye will probably never resurface (thankfully) other trends of the era have made a significant comeback. 

To the business man – if you want your business to be successful in the the modern world – the era of the suit and tie, benefits and mini-vans are almost over. Your younger employees want to be catalysts for change, despite their love for computers and internet, they want to be involved. They want to feel rewarded but not by money or nominal awards, while those are nice too. 

We want local.

We want real.

WE want to know we have made a change in the world.

We don’t care about new and improved or rod and pinion steering.

We want to know what YOU have done to promote positive change.

We want stories to connect to, (hello, UpWorthy?). 

Speak to us, not at us. the era of being sold to is over. 

So from across the universe, we are finding our voice again, realizing that things need to change. Millenials are no longer just taking 9-5 jobs, we are finding our own ways in the world and realizing that sometimes fulfillment doesn’t just come from a bigger pay check, it comes from doing something that we can believe will help others, change the world, or promote positive social change. 




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