Pain and Suffering

Since last Thursday I have gotten in 13.1 miles. Which is, weirdly, the exact number of miles in a half-marathon.

To complement training, I’m reading Haruki Murakami’s What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. I highly recommend it.

In the forward of the book, Murakami talks about how every runner has to have a mantra of sorts that they repeat to themselves. It’s how you get through those hardest miles that never seem to end.

Murakami mentions some of the ones he’s heard, including, “pain is inevitable – suffering is optional”. It’s sort of a Spartan-ish sentiment but I think that its something that everyone who is training – running, swimming, cross-fit, weight-training, etc.- needs to keep in perspective.

If you push yourself through those hard workouts; if you work hard; if you want to see changes, you’re gonna hurt.

You’re welcome

You’re breaking down muscle to rebuild it, so its tougher and stronger. You will hurt – probably not as badly as Captain Rogers did  – but you will hurt (sorry, my inner nerd-ling escaped).

I am not saying that you need to break yourself every time you work out. Rest is part of the program. Your body needs it to recover and heal!

What I am saying is that – when you hurt; when you’re on X-mile of a Y-mile long run – and you hurt; Or when you wake up the next day and you hurt, Don’t feel sorry for yourself.

That soreness is your body getting better.

You get better every time you max-out. Every time you finish your training run. Every time you stretch into Bird of Paradise. Your body gets better!

So, are you going to push through it – or suffer through it?



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