Stop Sweating Your Wedding – It’s Not a Sauna

I hate this sentiment: 

I really, really do.

Before I write a single word more, I want to start off first of all by stating: I Think it’s wonderful you want to get in shape! Do not in any way misconstrue my post as being anti-workout! Or that I am dissing on your effort! Or that I think weddings aren’t worth getting in shape for!

Trust me! I get it. You’re proud of the effort you’re putting in to looking good for That One Day! Your Day! Bride Day! Wedding Bells and Rings Day! Expensively Free Booze and Drunk Relatives Day! 

I was a bride very recently. I get it.

I hate this particular sentiment for two reasons: Reason one the Tyranny of the Wedding Industry; and reason two because I’m a runner and runners believe in consistency.

So, reason one: while you’re busy Zumba-ing, yoga-ing, Pi-Yo-ing, etc. your rear off at the gym, the wedding industry is busy raking in your (or your parent’s) hard earned cash, telling you that if you don’t have perfectly sculpted arms, shoulders and a bikini ready bum you are somehow unworthy of a white dress.

And that’s bull.

You are perfect the way you are – your future husband or wife picked you because you’re perfect right now and perfect for the rest of your lives.

The changes that the wedding industry thinks you should make for your day aren’t sustainable. As soon as the wedding is over and you don’t have another goal to work for and post wedding bliss sets in – trust me – you’re going to see changes in the opposite direction.

Which brings me to my second reason why I hate this poor shirt’s sentiment so much:

DON’T DO IT FOR YOUR WEDDING!!! Do it for you!! Your wedding does not equal The End! They do not roll credits after the champagne toasts! After your wedding you have a marriage.

And that’s pretty awesome. 

So – yeah – your wedding makes a great goal date for getting rid of those ten pounds you’ve been meaning to loose. But if that one night is all you want – then you’re wasting your time and money.

Keep it going! Keep getting in shape! Run a half marathon! Go make gains!

Always be moving forward! You’re getting better every day!

Workout because it makes you happy – and happy people don’t shoot their husband’s.200_s

Workout because you want to have a stronger, leaner healthier you, for the rest of your life.

Workout because you like to workout. Or workout because you really love cookies.

Workout because you’re stressed and this is good for you. Or workout because you’re not stressed and you want to keep it that way (and this is good for you).

Workout because you’ve got a life ahead of you!

You’ve got a marriage ahead of you!

Don’t just sweat for a dress.